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Combining Theory and Practice in Graduate Counselor Education: Faculty Reflections PROCEEDINGS

, St. John's University, United States

Global TIME, in Online, Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)


This paper discusses the team-teaching experience of two graduate counseling faculty members. These professors collaborated to highlight their teaching styles to accommodate the learning preferences of their students. Together, they recreated a summer course in school organization. The first faculty member focused on theory and research on school organization. Her lessons included discussion, group work, technology, and various instructional media. The second faculty member illustrated practical applications of the course material in the school counseling profession. Her lessons included role-plays and reflective writing. The results of this team-based form of instruction not only combined theory and practice to meet the learning needs of students, but also incorporated triangulated forms of assessment to document students’ successful demonstration of performance objectives. This paper will summarize the planning and communication processes involved in developing this course and will conclude with professor reflections on their experiences and suggestions for future innovations.


Cicco, G. (2012). Combining Theory and Practice in Graduate Counselor Education: Faculty Reflections. In Proceedings of Global TIME 2012 (p. 128). AACE.

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