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Preparing Students for the Challenges of the Virtual Workplace PROCEEDINGS

, University of Central Florida, United States

Global TIME, in Online, Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)


Many corporations have begun using virtual organizational structures because they allow for greater flexibility and are more cost effective. Students need to be prepared for the challenges of virtual work. This paper argues for the use of virtual team projects as an effective means of helping students develop the skills necessary for virtual work. Virtual team projects present many challenges related to communication, management, technology, and culture; faculty members can structure projects to help students develop the necessary knowledge base and skill set to address those challenges. Suggestions are offered for structuring both domestic and global virtual team projects; such projects can be instrumental in preparing students for the challenges of the virtual workplace.


Flammia, M. (2012). Preparing Students for the Challenges of the Virtual Workplace. In Proceedings of Global TIME 2012 (pp. 5-10). AACE.


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