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Internet in the pesantren: A tool to promote or continue autonomous learning? PROCEEDINGS

, Monash Unversity, Australia ; , Monash University, Australia ; , Deakin University, Australia

Global Learn, in Penang, Malaysia ISBN 978-1-880094-79-2 Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)


Although autonomy in education has already been possible in the past the advent of the internet has made this all the easier. What ultimately results from this, is an increased “desire and curiosity to learn more”. This is partly because internet based learning shifts the ownership of learning onto the learner themselves, making it less of a process and more of an experience. This not only empowers them but makes them realise that they can achieve more by taking their own initiative). One of the biggest challenges that the pesantren or traditional Islamic school, face today is the fact that they are generally are located in remote, rural, areas. Resources are limited and the quality of the teachers varies greatly. The characteristics of a pesantren mean that they could potentially derive great benefit from the incorporation of internet based education.


Iqbal, M., Barton, G. & Barton, S.M. (2010). Internet in the pesantren: A tool to promote or continue autonomous learning?. In Z. Abas et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of Global Learn 2010 (pp. 3754-3760). AACE.

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