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The hidden element to successful online learning implementation PROCEEDINGS

, Internexia, Malaysia

Global Learn, in Penang, Malaysia ISBN 978-1-880094-79-2 Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)


Why when we have numerous frameworks, government initiatives and leaps forward in technology do we still find it difficult to successfully embed learning management systems into many educational establishments? Can the answer be found in limited facilities, lack of functionality, poor change management, under-skilled educationalists or something more fundamental? I will share my experiences of over six years implementing and supporting learning management systems for all key stages, over 4,000 schools and over 1 million users. We will explore what sets apart a failed implementation from a successful one. We found that many teachers without appropriate guidance and empowerment will not welcome change into their established teaching methodologies without the often hidden element of effective, planned and continuous support. We discovered that implemented a Learning Support System is the key to success. What shape does this support system take and can universal lessons be learnt and applied across cultures?


Bailey, T. (2010). The hidden element to successful online learning implementation. In Z. Abas et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of Global Learn 2010 (pp. 2056-2061). AACE.


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