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Podcasts: Are they an effective tool to enhance student learning? A Case Study ARTICLE

, , , , McMaster University, Canada

Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia Volume 19, Number 3, ISSN 1055-8896 Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Chesapeake, VA


As universities turn to technology to become more learner-centred and address challenges created by increasing class sizes, changing consumer expectations, and increasing numbers of disability accommodation requests it is important to test the utility of technology solutions. This presentation describes a study to determine the effects of introducing pod-casting to a multi-sectioned, Level I Social Sciences course and to two medium sized, 400 students Level II Social Sciences' courses. Both faculty and students were surveyed to determine the impact of podcasting. Questions that will be explored during the session include: how did students use podcasts; did the students perceive benefits to using the podcasts; did podcasting impact learning; was podcasting perceived as helpful to students with accommodation needs; what were the impacts of podcasts on instructors; do deep learners use and perceive benefit of podcasts differently than surface learners; and, how can podcasts be effectively introduced within existing infrastructure.


Vajoczki, S., Watt, S., Marquis, N. & Holshausen, K. (2010). Podcasts: Are they an effective tool to enhance student learning? A Case Study. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 19(3), 349-362. Chesapeake, VA: AACE.


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