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An Agent-Oriented Approach for Ideational Support in Learning—Integration and Impact Article

, , , University of Twente

Journal of Interactive Learning Research Volume 10, Number 3, ISSN 1093-023X Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Chesapeake, VA


This paper provides results from research work done in respect to the application of agent technology within educational settings. It focuses on problem solving, information handling issues and idea generation. It is based on two research system examples: Solution, Mapping, Intelligent, Learning, Environment (SMILE) Creator and Agent based Information Management System (AIMS). Both systems present approaches for solutions to some of the basic problems within the context of computer based education and training, for example, adaptive learner support, problem solving, navigation, information structuring, presentation, and retrieval. They apply the concept-mapping approach as a basic mechanism for agents' behaviour, information presentation technique, and instructional support. The agent-oriented approach is also applied in AIMS for the overall system architecture and design, where agents are the basic system modules. This paper reflects on the general approach for agents' educational application presented in the papers of this special issue. It builds up a theoretical prototype of the general movement in the field and summarises its added value for learning technology.


Aroyo, L., Stoyanov, S. & Kommers, P. (1999). An Agent-Oriented Approach for Ideational Support in Learning—Integration and Impact. Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 10(3), 389-400. Charlottesville, VA: AACE.

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