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Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology / La revue canadienne de l’apprentissage et de la technologie

Oct 31, 2015 Volume 41, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 18

  1. Exploring the Digital Divide: The Use of Digital Technologies in Ontario Public Schools

    Bodong Chen, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

    Combining data from a school principal survey with student demographics and achievement data, the present study aimed to develop a much needed understanding of ICT usage in Ontario’s K-12 public... More

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  2. A review of models and frameworks for designing mobile learning experiences and environments

    Yu-Chang Hsu & Yu-Hui Ching, Boise State University

    Mobile learning has become increasingly popular in the past decade due to the unprecedented technological affordances achieved through the advancement of mobile computing, making ubiquitous and... More

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  3. Teen Culture, Technology and Literacy Instruction: Urban Adolescent Students’ Perspectives

    Jia Li, University of Ontario Institute of Technology; Catherine Snow, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard University; Claire White, Strategic Educational Research Partnership, MA, Morocco

    Modern teens have pervasively integrated new technologies into their lives, and technology has become an important component of teen popular culture. Educators have pointed out the promise of... More

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  4. Pre-Service Perspectives on E-Teaching: Assessing E-Teaching Using the EPEC Hierarchy of Conditions for E-Learning/Teaching Competence

    Ashley Sisco, Research Associate, Centre for the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Children, Western University Owner & Principal Consultant, White Buffalo Consulting Inc.; Stuart Woodcock, Senior Lecturer Faculty of Human Sciences Macquarie University Sydney, NSW 2109 Australia; Michelle Eady, Senior Lecturer Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong Wollongong, NSW 2522 Australia

    This article examines pre-service teacher perspectives of teaching with an online synchronous (live-time) platform as a part of their training. Fifty-three students who participated in a blended... More

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  5. Outils numériques nomades : les effets sur l’attention des étudiants

    Nicolas Guichon, Konersit Lumire Lyon 2 Laboratoire ICAR; Salifou Kon

    La recherche sur le numérique en éducation est parvenue à une étape où peut être dressé un portrait plus nuancé des usages des outils numériques en contexte d’apprentissage. S’inscrivant dans une... More

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  6. A Learning Module for BA Students to Develop ICT Skills for their Learning Activities | Un module de formation visant le dveloppement des comptences TICE chez les tudiants en baccalaurat

    Herv Platteaux & Sergio Hoein, University of Fribourg

    This case illustrates the process of developing a learning module to support BA students in their use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) tools in their learning. At the university... More

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  7. Being an Instructional Designer: A Job requiring Innovation and Trust | Être conseiller ou conseillère pédagogique, un travail d’innovation et de confiance

    Serge Grin-Lajoie, Universit Laval

    This case study deals with the development and implementation of two online art courses. It outlines the concerns of the faculty member responsible for these courses and those of the instructional ... More

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  8. An Online Training Course to Learn How to Teach Online | Former en ligne pour apprendre former en ligne

    Sylviane Bachy & Marcel Lebrun, Catholic University of Leuven

    This case study deals with the implementation of ongoing training, offered wholly through distance and online learning, and conducted within the framework of an inter-university partnership linking... More

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  9. How do you Implement a Digital Environment to Support a Training Group? | Comment organiser son environnement numrique pour soutenir le groupe en formation ?

    Anne Ronchi, University of Geneva

    This case deals with an instructional designer (ID) working at a European university who has been asked to convert an existing on-campus program for working professionals to online delivery. This... More

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  10. Evolution of the Instructional Design in a Series of Online Workshops | L’évolution d’un design pédagogique dans le développement d’ateliers en ligne

    Anne Patry, Elizabeth Campbell Brown, Rmi Rousseau & Jeanette Caron, University of Ottawa

    This case recounts the story of the design and production of a series of online workshops for French-speaking healthcare professionals in Canada. The project spans a couple of years and, despite... More

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  11. Guiding Professional Life-long Learning Projects: The Case of an Immersive Blended Learning Certificate | Accompagner des projets professionnels en formation continue : le cas d’un certificat de formation hybride et immersive

    Kalliopi Benetos & Daniel Peraya, University of Geneva

    This case study presents a blended learning study program offered as a continuing education certificate of advanced studies for post-secondary educators and training professionals in the private,... More

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  12. From Telecourses to Online Courses: A Story of Redesign | Du cours tlvis au cours en ligne : une histoire de redesign

    Claude Potvin, Laval University

    This case deals with the redesign of a standard telecourse - printed material, professional studio video recordings and phone tutoring – into an online course. The redesign involved an adjunct... More

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  13. Course Design and Delivery Specifications as a Tool for Ensuring Quality in an Online Training Program | Une charte pédagogique comme outil de qualité d’un programme en ligne

    Franoise Docq, Universit catholique de Louvain

    This case discusses the design, implementation, and regulation of a hybrid training program (60 credits over two years) organised by three business schools in Europe, and stretching over a five... More

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  14. Developing Tutorials for Several Institutional Partners: A Real Challenge! | Dvelopper des tutoriels pour plusieurs institutions partenaires : un rel dfi !

    Brigitte Belzile, Universit Laval

    This case describes the two-year development of a set of interactive tutorials for students and faculty at a number of community colleges and one university in order to target information literacy ... More

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  15. “And the walls came a-tumblin’ down…” | Comment recréer l’ambiance propre au séminaire dans un cours en ligne?

    Thomas Power, Universit Laval

    This case deals with a university program which is well respected but requires changes to be made to it as enrollments dwindle. Pressure from administration is making the Program Head and Program... More

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  16. From Intent to Action: An Iterative Engineering Process | De l’intention à la maturité : une ingénierie itérative

    Patrice Mouton, Jacques Rodet & Sylvain Vacaresse, Universit de Rennes

    Quite by chance, and over the course of a few haphazard meetings, a Master’s degree in E-learning Design gradually developed in a Faculty of Economics. Its original and evolving design was the... More

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  17. The Challenge of Designing Blended Courses: From Structured Design to Creative Faculty Support! | Les beaux défis du design de cours hybrides : du design structuré à l’accompagnement créatif !

    Catherine Carr, HEC Montreal

    This case study deals with the implementation of an e-learning program in a business school in Canada. Cabot Business School decided to offer the program in a blended format so as to increase the... More

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  18. Implementing a Diversity-Orientated Online Graduate-Level Health Professions Education Program | Soutenir la mise en place d’un programme de maîtrise en pédagogie universitaire des sciences de la santé offert à distance par et pour la diversité

    Isabelle Savard, Laval University

    This case describes the strategies implemented in the development of an online Master’s degree program in Health Professions Education (HPE) and an online short, Master’s level diploma program. The... More

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