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Technology in Teacher Preparation: Preparing Teachers for the Future Article

, University of Illinois at Chicago, United States ; , Michigan State University, United States

Journal of Technology and Teacher Education Volume 7, Number 4, ISSN 1059-7069 Publisher: Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education, Chesapeake, VA


Faculty and administrators in teacher preparation programs face the dilemma of preparing teachers for an unknown, but increasingly technological classroom. We present four possible solutions to the problem of preparing teachers for the future and using technology in classrooms: single course, technology infusion, student performance, and case based. Each of these approaches has both positive and negative aspects. As an example of one college's solution, we present a case of the preparation and implementation of technology in teacher preparation at Michigan State University. We conclude that it is imperative that faculty and administrators of teacher preparation programs learn about modern information and communication technology and incorporate them into their programs in meaningful ways.


Gillingham, M.G. & Topper, A. (1999). Technology in Teacher Preparation: Preparing Teachers for the Future. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 7(4), 303-321. Charlottesville, VA: SITE.


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